The Berdoll Pecan Candy and Gift Shop offers many fun and interesting things to see, touch and taste, but one of the most unique and popular features is the Pecan Pie Vending Machine. That’s right – you can buy an entire fresh, delicious Berdoll Pecan Pie from a vending machine – any time of day or night!

The Berdoll family installed the original vending machine in 2008 in response to demand for pies and other treats that couldn’t be met during regular business hours. Now, a modern machine fills the need. Cameras placed around the machine provide entertainment for staff as they review activity each day from the previous night… our sign on Highway 71 draws fans in around the clock.

By far, the Pecan Pies are the best-selling items in the vending machine. In fact, they are so popular that the family restocks the machine around midnight during the months of November and December.

Many customers prefer to purchase their pies directly from the machine instead of from the store, because it dispenses change in $1 coins.